Business Introduction

Setting Up the Foundations

Establish a strong foundation for your business with varied sets of goals and surveys to hone in on target market and further research.

Estimated Time of Completion

6 Weeks

Prices are usually based upon completion of other bshko services aND PRICING.


Paid Search Strategy is designed to help you increase your website's visibility and generate more leads and sales through targeted paid advertising strategies. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized strategy that meets your specific business needs and goals.

Key Features

  • Keyword research and targeting for paid search campaigns: We will conduct extensive research to identify the best keywords to target for your paid search campaigns to ensure maximum visibility and relevance to your target audience.
  • Ad copywriting strategy for paid search ads: Our team will create compelling ad copy strategies that can be used to design eye-catching ads that will capture your audience's attention and drive more clicks to your website.
  • Landing page concept for paid search traffic: We will create a customized landing page concept that is optimized for paid search traffic to maximize your conversion rates.
  • Campaign set-up: We will handle all aspects of campaign set-up, including account creation, budget allocation, and bid management to ensure that your campaigns are set up for success.

Return on Investment

A good paid search strategy can provide a significant return on investment by driving more traffic and, potentially, conversions to your website through targeted and effective paid advertising strategies.