Jan 7, 2022

2022 Gary Vee Top NFT Selections

Riley Schatzle

Overpriced jpeg? Evolutionary tech?

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Many are still debating the NFT craze, or hype? Or is it even chaos?

One of the early pioneers to “go all in” on NFTs, is marketing tycoon, Gary Vaynerchuk who believes the NFT trend is a sort of chaos, but in a good way.

He said in an interview December 2021 with Coinbase:

“It’s why i’m an entrepreneur, I prefer the chaos, it keeps me comfortable.”

Whether you believe the chaos or not, here are 25 of Gary’s recommendations according to the interview: 

  1. Women and Weapons
  2. Creature World
  3. BRAiN VOMiT Collection
  4. curio cards
  5. World of Women
  6. Plasma Bears (project shutting down)
  7. Meebits
  8. DeadHeads
  9. Swampverse
  10. OnChainMonkey
  11. mfers
  12. PUNKS Comic
  13. CryptoPunks
  14. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  15. Cool Cats NFT
  17. Avastars
  18. Einstein, Chaplin, Wright Brothers X Wolfe, Odious, Parrott
  19. Long Neckie Ladies
  20. LaMelo Ball Collectibles
  22. Candy Digital
  23. AlphaBetty Doodles
  24. Koala Intelligence Agency
  25. Cool Cats Events

Coinbase also asked what is the one NFT I would give to a friend:

His reply: x copy plasma bear (2018)

When Coinbase asked, why NFTs? Gary said:

“They all have stories. Real artists. Real community.”

We’re pumped to see what’s next in NFT world, stay tuned for more. Here is the link for the interview.

Take Advantage Of The NFT Wave, The Right Way | Interview With Coinbase

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