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As an innovative solutions company, we're dedicated to discovering the forefront of digital marketing and business and bringing those groundbreaking ideas and technologies to our community.

Staff Writer
Brandish Kollective

At Brandish Kollective, our staff writer's storytelling prowess doesn't just inform; it transforms, engages, and fosters meaningful connections.

CEO / Founder
Riley Schatzle

A digital marketing visionary driving business growth through innovation and data-driven strategies. With a decade of expertise, Riley elevates businesses across industries with high-quality, results-oriented services.

Strategic Growth Director
Shaun Kenyon

Shaun Kenyon, a visionary in digital marketing, propels business expansion through innovative and data-driven strategies. With over a decade of mastery, Shaun empowers businesses across diverse sectors with top-tier, outcome-focused solutions.

Business Acquisition Director
Peter Anello

Get the latest industry news and expert opinions from Peter Anello, our accomplished Executive Staff Writer.